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University of South Florida Bulls, Gators, Seminoles, Furman Paladins (?!) , & more!!!

USF Crashes Party

It’s been quite some time since the USF basketball team was relevant. The year was 1992 to be exact. Zoobas were still in style, the Yankees sucked, and Kurt Cobain was still warmer then room temperature. All was right with … Continue reading

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Ole Miss Lineman Destroys a Chair..With His Ass

What happens when a 377 lb offensive lineman tries to sit in a little plastic folding chair? Hilarity obviously Terrell Brown Breaks Chair – Funny blooper videos are here

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Video: Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb On Live TV

Apparently Lee Corso forgot how live TV works…

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Coach K’s First Press Conference in 1980

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The future is unclear

Goodbye, Pittsburgh. Farewell, Syracuse. Happy trails to you, West Virginia. The future of Big East football is uncertain. Teams are taking their talents to other conferences with hopes of brighter opportunities. This shift in college football could leave USF in … Continue reading

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USF needs to recruit better

After Saturday’s head smacking 37-34 loss to Cincinnati, the Bulls 2011 season is now looking, at best, for yet another mid to late December bowl game. The Big East is likely out of reach, and excitement for green and gold … Continue reading

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Tailgating Grannies

These 2 silver foxes show the kids at a Michigan tailgate party how they used to get it done  back when Gerald Ford was wearing the maize and blue. Go Big Blue Hairs!!   РJustin (producer)

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USF Feeling the Luck of the Irish

USF had a tough task at hand heading up to South bend for it’s season opener. Year two of the Skip Holtz regime would get an immediate test against one of the better Notre Dame teams of the past few … Continue reading

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