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Josh Hamilton smokes crack, then rants and raves about how terrible Rangers fans are. Wait, he was sober?

Harlem Shake video gets boys hockey team booted from state playoffs. Objectionable? Yes. Worthy of that punishment? Meh.

Blood soaked linen expected to fetch six figures. It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is.

The last original Devil Rays player has retired. It’s the end of an era.

Carl Crawford wants you to understand how difficult life can be with the expectations that go along with a $142 million contract. Poor guy.

Would Jadeveon Clowney be better off sitting out his junior season?

Not a single Rays player from the magical 2008 season remains on the roster.

An asteroid 150 feet in diameter will narrowly avoid Earth on Friday. It’s not like an asteroid that size could do much damage. Right?

What are the worst contracts in MLB? Here are 15 of them.

Even with all of their high profile signings last offseason, the Bucs have quite a bit of money on hand for free agency this offseason.